Tim Murphy, President of Murphy Pavement Technology, Inc., promotes best practices within the asphalt industry on local, regional, and national levels. He works collaboratively with academia, agencies, associations, consultants, contractors, and material suppliers, to ensure asphalt quality at the most economical means possible.  He co-authored "MS-22 Construction of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements" for the Asphalt Institute and currently travels the country training asphalt professionals and practitioners for the National Highway Institute on asphalt plant production and workmanship. Most recently he served as an outside author and editor of the recently updated Manual Series No. 2, Asphalt Mix Design Methods, for the Asphalt Institute.  

Murphy Pavement Technology specializes in Forensic Engineering on asphalt matters from design, production, and construction for roadways, runways, and commercial / industrial facilities.  

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Tim Murphy




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