Q: Who is a “typical” Murphy Pavement Technology client?

A: Our typical customer needs problems solved fast! A client may be an agency employee like a bituminous or materials e
ngineer. They may also be a contractor or contractor’s employee in charge of Quality Control. Regardless, MPT has the experience and tools to solve a broad range of asphalt problems fast!

Q: What makes Murphy Pavement Technology so effective for the client?

A: MPT listens closely to its clients and then meets those needs.Tim Murphy has over 20 years experience in this field. According to Murphy, “MPT will find solutions to the most difficult problems because I love this line of work and my clients trust and empower me to do the right thing.”

Q: Why is Murphy Pavement Technology a stand-out in the asphalt field?

A: There are several reasons:

--Production, production, production is the emphasis while ensuring the asphalt meets specification requirements.For agencies this means increased pavement life. For contractors, this means increased profits;

--MPT helps clients develop the appropriate asphalt mix design to ensure reasonable materials cost that will meet quality standards; and

--MPT provides asphalt mixture production solutions that maximize product consistency. 


Tim Murphy, President

Murphy Pavement Technology, Inc.

Tim Murphy, President of Murphy Pavement Technology, Inc., promotes best practices within the asphalt industry on local, regional, and national levels. He works collaboratively with agencies, associations, consultants, suppliers, and contractors to ensure asphalt quality in road construction at the most economical price.

He co-authored "MS-22 Construction of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements" for the Asphalt Institute and currently travels the country training asphalt professionals and practitioners for the National Highway Institute on asphalt plant production and workmanship. Most recently he served as an outside  author and reviewer of the recently updated Manual Series No. 2, Asphalt Mix Design Methods, for the Asphalt Institute.

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