"The Minnesota DOT recently hosted a 2020 Bituminous Street class via Zoom.  Our amazing instructors put this class together in a matter of days and we are so grateful!  In this week's class we have two instructors and 29 students.  Everyone got signed in without issue this morning (some minor adjustments will be made for tomorrow) and the students are able to ask questions, the instructors are sharing their screen and power point presentations, and we will be doing an online exam on Friday using Google Docs."

Suzanne Johnsrud

Lake Superior College, Duluth, MN

“On behalf of the City of Chicago and the Department of Transportation, I would like to thank you for your assistance with our first ever Asphalt Seminar…All agree that the seminar was a resounding success…We hope that these types of seminars will become a regular part of the education process for our people…”

S.L. Kaderbeck, S.E., P.E., Deputy Commissioner/Chief Engineer
Bureau of Bridges and Transit, City of Chicago

“Your presentation on the development of Job Mix Formula was outstanding and well received by the audience. Your detailed explanation of each one of the testing requirements and characteristics of the materials gave the audience a better picture of the performance of bituminous pavement.”

Guillermo N. Felix, P.E., Civil Engineer/Paving Engineer
Federal Aviation Administration, U. S. Department of Transportation

“The department appreciates the effort you and your firm put toward the recent district Local QC/QA Orientation Meetings. The course development and presentations were well developed. Feedback from the districts and local agencies has been very positive.”

Eric E. Harm, P.E., Engineer of Material and Physical Research
Illinois Department of Transportation

“The Lake Land [College] Board of Trustees awarded the third annual Business Partnership Award to…Tim Murphy…for providing Illinois Department of Transportation Quality Control/Quality Assurance (IDOT QC/QA) training for students in the Chicago area…Because of his leadership, Lake Land was able to expand the program and offer more than 30 classes to the Chicago area.”

Lake Land College, Mattoon, Illinois

“During the training we each felt things were going as planned and the feedback I’ve received from field construction personnel continues to be very positive. To quote a Project Manager with 30+ years experience in asphalt…'The instructor was excellent. His knowledge of the subject was at a level above anyone I know of. I gained a better `feeling’ for what should be happening to our mixes.' I echo those comments…”

Laire E. Weishahn, P.E., Materials and Research Division
Nebraska Department of Roads

“I would like to thank you for assisting with the Superpave Asphalt Mix Design course at Lake Land College….The course was very well received, judging from the comment sheets returned by the students. Your assistance really helped to make the course a success.”

Rebecca S. McDaniel, Technical Director
North Central Superpave Center

“…I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to you for being a speaker at our Twelfth Annual Airport Conference. We have received many positive comments from the 365 attendees. Thanks to your participation, we can view this conference as the best one ever.”

Henry A. Lamberts, Manager, Safety/Standards Branch
Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation

“The efforts you put into your course materials and classroom presentation played a big part in the success of this course.”

Benjamin J. Jordan, P.E., Program Director
Department of Engineering Professional Development, University of Wisconsin, College of Engineering 


Rebecca Kettlewell, CONEXPO Asia Meetings & Education Programs Manager

Pete T. Grass, P.E, CAE

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